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How Home Energy Storage Works

Home Energy Storage System

Home Energy Storage: Powering Your Home

Home energy storage systems store solar energy or electricity from the grid for later use. Having a home battery storage solution allows homeowners to use or sell the electricity they've stored, providing flexibility, reducing costs, and enhancing energy security.

Types of Home Energy Storage

Battery technology continues to evolve and there are a myriad of batteries available. Each type has its own set of advantages, suited for different needs and budgets. For instance, there are even batteries that will self-extinguish in the event of overheating and catching fire, great if your battery is being placed under the stairs. It is important to select the right battery for the right location.


Installation of a home energy storage system should be carried out by a qualified professional. It includes site assessment, permitting, and adherence to local building codes to ensure safety and efficiency.

Benefits of Home Energy Storage

Storing energy can significantly reduce energy costs, provide backup power during outages, power essential medical equipment and allow for energy independence. It's a smart and sustainable choice for modern living.


Storage batteries is a great way to become more energy independent, even without Solar and despite the increased upfront cost, you will save money. A Battery Energy Storage System is a green and affordable way to store energy in your home/office. It will also allow you to take advantage of the increasing number of cost-effective smart tariffs that energy suppliers are making available. Energy suppliers are prepared to pay you to reduce your reliance on the Grid at peak times. Unfortunately, the Government incentive of zero-rated VAT for renewable technologies does not apply to home battery storage, however if the battery storage is installed as part of the solar installation, it would attract the zero rate in terms of VAT but regardless a correctly sized installation will save you money.

What you should know:

What size of battery is right for you?

The typical daily demand will be between 8-13kWh’s. So, your battery choice should reflect your usage although a second critical factor is when you consume that power – is it only in the evening or is it more evenly spread. What are your sources of energy? Solar or other generation or off-peak grid.

We can integrate all our power sources

Your battery can be used to satisfy your needs when otherwise you would have to rely on expensive peak rate grid electricity. Integrating other sources, such as solar, will help determine the most efficient size of battery based on capturing all the free/cheap rate energy you can access to satisfy your pattern of consumption.

We can integrate all our power needs

By installing a batter storage system, you can identify your more critical needs, adjust your behaviour to make the best use of any other sources of energy available to you. You could move load intensive activity to during the day (Solar available) or to during the night (access off-peak). Using the battery at peak times to make the greatest savings.

Installing Solar Panels with your battery

If you install solar panels at the same time as your batteries as an integrated renewables system, you are entitled to not pay VAT on the installation. Not only are integrating all your power sources to a more effective and sustainable operation you will also reduce your payback period.

Understanding your equipment will let you realise greater benefits.

Whilst your Battery may have a capacity of 13.5kWh that does not mean that you can discharge all 13.5kWh in one go. Your discharge rate will be governed by the software and charging capability of the battery and in most cases, this may be around 3.6 to 5kwh. Therefore, if you are using more than that at any instant (electric shower consuming 10kw) then the balance will come from the grid. Therefore, where you can try and limit simultaneous use of high consumption appliances.

Be safe, consider carefully the best location within the home for you, avoid impeding safe egress routes in the event of fire. A well-considered installation is best way to avoid problems in the future. Be Ultra-safe with free advice from the people who know – call us!

Benefits of adding a Battery to your home

Environmental Benefits

By storing excess renewable energy and using it when needed, you can minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and smart tariffs to offset high peak-rate charges, resulting in substantial cost savings with or without Solar PV take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and smart tariffs to offset high peak-rate charges, resulting in substantial cost savings with or without Solar PV

Low Maintenance Cost

Batteries only need a periodic inspection over the first 5 years with a performance check annually

Energy Independence

Reduce dependence on the grid and have the security of an in-house power source during outages.

Increased Property Value

Integrated solar PV and Battery Systems can increase your home’s value

We know which components work well together and can advise on the best size and type of battery to meet your needs

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Trained and approved by all the tier one manufacturers

Trained and approved by all the tier one manufacturers