Complaints Procedure of JM Electrical Green Energy

We're sorry to hear that you experienced an issue that you feel needs addressing. JM Electrical Green Energy is focused on your satisfaction, please follow the following procedure to allow us to resolve this issue.

1. Initial Contact

Please in the first instance call us on

We will do our best to resolve any issues.

2. Dispute Resolution

If at any time a dispute arises between you and us that cannot be resolved you can refer the matter to be handled through RECC’s dispute resolution procedure.

3. Arbitration Service

If an agreement is not reached through mediation for any reason, you can refer the matter for to RECC’s independent arbitration service and we must agree to arbitration if that is your wish. You would have to pay a small fee directly to the arbitration provider, which may be refunded to you if the arbitrator finds in your favour.

An award made under the independent arbitration service will be final and legally binding on you and us. You and we may only challenge the award on certain limited grounds under the Arbitration Act 1996.

4. Installation and Certification Disputes

Disputes that relate to the aspects of the installation covered by our electrician certification should be referred Jaryd Mahmood at JM Electrical Service or if unresolved may be referred to the relevant organisation as appropriate (NAPIT).

5. Your Rights

Remember, you have rights under various consumer protection laws, and we are committed to respecting those rights throughout the complaints process.

6. Further Assistance

For any additional questions or to exercise your rights, feel free to contact us using the details provided above.

Trained and approved by all the tier one manufacturers

Trained and approved by all the tier one manufacturers